Nevaloni Pulotu

Roimata (Healing) Honeycomb Calcite (large cells) Nevaloni Pulotu $3,200


Roimata (Healing)

size :

medium: Honeycomb Calcite ( large cell )

price: $3,200

Meaning: “Healing” is carved in the form of a leaf to suggest all living organisms depend on plant life to survive. Throughout centuries, Polynesians have used plant life to heal,to build,and to survive with.The “Healing” sculpture provides a translucent affect that allows light through all its individyual cells(deep orange,light orange,yellow,and light yellow). These color characteristics link directly to photosynthesis and correlate directly to plant life,which in turn gives life to all living things.

Tavavou (Beautiful) stone :pink alabaster by Nevaloni Pulotu $ 3,400





















Tavavou (Beautiful)

size :

medium : pink alabaster

price : $3,400

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