Kim Whitesides

Photograph of Kim Whiteside

“Translator of Reality and Beyond”

To native Utahn, Kim Whitesides, art is a language, an opportunity for his vision to inspire others. Kim made an impact in the art community at a very young age. In grammar school (3rd grade) Kim was chosen to lead a seminar on paper-mache sculpture before the membership of the Utah Teachers Association. While in High School, his work as a graphic artist included the creation of celebrity portraits, which led to purchases by, and friendships with a number of musical artists. Kim’s formal training came from the University of Utah, and the Art Center College of Design, in Los Angeles, where he graduated in 1967, with great distinction.Kim lived, and worked as an illustrator, in New York City, from the late 60′s through the mid 80′s. During this period his paintings appeared in many publications, including Time magazine, Rolling Stone, and Playboy. He received numerous awards from The Art Directors Club of New York, and The Society of Illustrators. It was, at this time, that Kim began a period of bold work with the airbrush, that emphasized the simplified spaces, and clean lines of art deco, and art moderne, for which he gained a national reputation, and an envied list of clients.

Kim has shared his abilities with many students and groups. He lectured and spoke many times, at the Art Center, at B.Y.U., and the Conference that Happens to be in Park City. He has taught at the School of Visual Arts, in N.Y.C., the University of Utah, and the Salt Lake Community College.

Kim’s style has evolved through several mediums over the decades, including Graphite drawings, watercolors, acrylics, pastels, oils, and oils combined with egg tempera. Kim continues to grow as an artist, he feels his art is constantly opening doors on new vistas. “Each medium has been like learning a new language-and has spawned the desire to become fluent, whatever the subject matter”.


“Often an artist is measured not just by skill, but by a particular way of seeing. I have known, collected and admired Kim Whitesides for over 20 years. His work has always remained on the cutting edge of social trends and new technologies. His subjects are just either side of the middle, even when they are mainstream. Kim enjoys the delight of a rich imagination, a purely original point of view, and the support of a fine skill.” – Robert Redford

  • Orchid

    “Orchid and Chair”

    size: 22″ x 30″

    medium: Egg Tempera with Oil Glaze on Linen

    price: $4,500

  • Overnight Friends

    “Overnight Friends”

    size: 26″ x 18″

    medium: Egg Tempera with Oil Glaze on Linen

    price: $4,500

  • Plums

    “Plums & China Swan”

    size: 18″ x 12″

    medium: Egg Tempera with Oil Glaze on Linen

    price: $3,000

  • Shades


    size: 37″ x 17″

    medium: Egg Tempera with Oil Glaze on Linen

    price: $4,500

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