Ernie Verdine

Ernie Verdine

Landscape Watercolors

 I moved to Utah in 1992 from New York having lived and traveled the east coast for many years, but I was born and raised in Missouri– pretty much self taught with some formal training in painting and design. I do have a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Chapman University as well as some graduate work. I wanted to earn a degree in fine art, but my real job at the time dictated otherwise. I served in the military for many years from which I retired. From my earliest childhood, It seems like I’ve always painted or been involved in some form of fine art. I know there must have been a time when I didn’t paint, but I just don’t recollect when that might have been. I most enjoy painting the landscapes around me and I primarily use watercolors, but also work in acrylics, oils, and pastels as well. I like painting the old things and buildings that have been worn down by the many years. I like painting winter scenes that show me the bones of nature. I like those rich earthy colors. My painting style is what it is, at any particular time. I always use heavy paper and boards, because I fling paint, scrub my paper, and basically beat it to death in my painting process. I probably shouldn’t say it, but I’m not sure I could use anything other than the heaviest, thickest, roughest paper. My technique is not deliberate and I take what the watercolor paper and paint gives me. I often wait for the pleasant surprises that we watercolorists are so familiar with, and that is the reason why I’m so hooked on watercolor.




Rocky Mountain/Rushing Waters

Price :    $1,340 framed 11,40 unframed

Medium : watercolor


Mountain Run-Off 1,320 framed 1,100 unframed

Mountain Run – Off

Price : $1320 framed  $1,100 unframed

medium : watercolor


Winter Grasses 900 framed 700 unframed

Winter Grasses

price :  $900 framed  $700 unframed

medium : watercolor


Winter Storm 1200 framed 1,000 matted

Winter Storm

price :  1,300 framed $1,100 unframed

medium : watercolor




Autumn Glory 900 framed 700 matted

Autumn Glory

price : $1,100 framed $900 unframed

meduium : watercolor



South of Pocatello $1,045 framed


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