Society of Mormon Artists Inaugural Exhibition

Society of Mornon Artists Flyer

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Sculptures of Logan Fine Art Gallery Reception Dec.11, 2015 6pm to 9pm

Logan Fine Art Gallery and Sunstone Gallery would like to invite you on Friday, Dec 11th,20156pm for a reception 9pm at  Logan Utah’s “Gallery Walk” where you will see beautiful art from artists respected around the nation. This is a collection not to be missed. There is so much variety and names both well know and new to the art scene.

Logan Fine Art and Sunstone Gallery also carry beautiful sculptures. We are privileged to have the work of Leroy Transfield with his gentle Christmas Relief sculptures, depictions surrounding the birth of Christ,and his Asian Madonna with its jade like petina.
 Gene Needham’s sculpture “The Transfiguration” a depiction of Christ on the mount with Moses and Elias and Peter, James and John as recorded in Matt;17 1-9 and Mark 9:2-9 leaving us with a reverence for what happened on that occasion not often spoke of or depicted in art.
 Nevaloni Pulotu shares with us Maori symbolism in his sculpture titled “Beautiful” this sculpture (as quoted by Nevaloni) carries “a symbol known as Koru a spiral design used by the ancient Maori people of New Zealand to suggest new beginnings,the cycle of life, newness of life overcoming adversity,or simply discovering beauty that exists within oneself.The three spirals (Korus) on the sculpture suggest that beauty lies not without,but within us. Believing in ones self allows true beauty to develop and grow within.
 Nevaloni helps us reach new understandings within ourselves with his insightful works.
Scott Rogers brings us a feel of the old west with his sculpture “Legend”
Scott describes his work as if you were to film a moment then capture the emotion between the frames of film, where the expression is. Scott is know for the emotion in his artworks , his deep passion for capturing a moment and a feeling . His depiction of a bucking horse with rider skillfully holding on with determined grit, sits on a turntable so one can view all angles of the moment.
This, his bronze sculpture ” Legend ” tied for second place in this years annual competiton ” Fall Salon” now showing in the Gallery.
Jared Wiberg brings us a fascinating piece of art called “Skull Lamp” a beautiful mosaic created from colored peices of collected glass skillfully inlaid on the skull bone of a horse making a glittering lamp with lighted eyes of red and blue glass from colored bottles.
Ruth Menlove’s Stick Figure-Moonlight Sonata is another very creative work. As Ruth takes walks near her home in the Salt Lake area she picks up driftwood for her enormous stack of wood at her house where she draws inspiration for her fantastic sculptures of horses and other animals.
A Lone Wolf howls at the moon in her wall sculpture made entirely out of driftwood, screws and barbdwire titled “Stick figure -Moonlight Sonata”.
Nicholas Decker shows us what the sound of a basson would look like if it were a sculpture in his peice “Resonance #3”.
All these and many other artists come together to expand the mind to possibilities beyond taste, sound and hearing to help us see with a new sense and think in ways we have not yet expirienced.
Come to Logan Fine Art Gallery and Sunstone Gallery to bring fresh perspective to your world and its endless possibilities.
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Dick Broun Photo Class May15

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Utah Water Color Society Presents Award Winners

#30 Where We Live awards

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Where We Live

18. Where We Live

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The Artwork of Jeannie Millecam

Jeannie Millecam copy1

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Salon D’ Automne Award Winners


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Verdine - Alleman copy1

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Emeritus 3 copy

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2014 SALON D' AUTOMNE d final version color cropped  call for entries _Page_1

Laura Wegkamp One-Woman Show May 2013

Logan Fine Art Gallery will be hosting a one-woman show for Cache Valley artist, Laura Wegkamp. The public is invited to meet her Friday, May 3rd from 6 to 8 p.m. Twenty paintings will be on display from May 3rd through June 1st.


Barbara Summers Edwards 1,2,3 – SALE!

Logan Fine Art Gallery is currently hosting Barbara Summers Edwards 1,2,3 – Sale. She has one painting for sale for 100 dollars. Two paintings for sale at 200 dollars each and three paintings for sale at $300 dollars each. This is a wonderful opportunity to collect a beautiful original painting by one of Cache Valley’s most notable artists. Be sure to stop in the gallery to see them. They won’t last long.

2012 Salon d’Automne

Our second exhibition the 2012 Salon d’Automne juried by artists, Russell Case and Jim Morgan is now on display. Click here to see the winning entries for the Salon.

2011 Salon

The first juried exhibition was the 2011 Salon held as part of the gallery’s grand opening. Glen Edwards juried the salon.Click here to see the winning entries for the Salon.

Monday Model Sessions

1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Undraped Model: long pose, sculpture, oil, pencil, watercolor, charcoal.

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Undraped Model: Short to long poses, pencil, watercolor, charcoal.

All sessions are based on model availability. Please call ahead to confirm session.


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